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  • Knoxville Metro Airport Authority DBE Program
  • C.O.N.N.E.C.T. Ministries
  • Brinks Security Bill Cox
  • Men on A Mission Denzel Grant
  • Josh Sullivan
  • Britne Davis w/ Balloon Bliss
  • Online Grocery Coupon.com Wally Anderson
  • Petree's Flowers
  • Jarnigan's Mortuary
  • Vivian's Sheer Elegance
  • City of Knoxville
  • Tim Burchette 
  • A-1 Recycling
  • Timeout Deli  &  Market
  • Hopewell Rehab Centers Reico Hopewell
  • Moms Demand Action
  • Sheriff Department RE-Entry Services
  • Knox One
  • Public Defenders Office Chris Martin
  • Summer Moore Paparazzi Consultant
  • Arlena Montgomrey Paparazzi Consultant
  • Norwex Consultants
  • RX Learning
  • M.O.M.S. Terri Walker-Smith 
  • Save Our Sons Kevin Perry & Tatia Harris
  • Kevin Dickson " The Maker" Music Producer
Sols Write House Authors and Workshop Clients

Sols Write House publishing company has been empowering self book publishing writers since 2014. Author Sherri Williams has enjoyed motivating those that are looking to publish a book, want to become a writer, or those writers and business start ups that need a computer to get started. We have been on a mission to rise above jealousy, envy and competiton between others who do what we all have in common but help indentify those things that make us different. Many people from ages 6 to seniors have come to our organization  to be uplifted and aligned with like-minded individuals such as: Keiaundria Ragland- Wilson, Terry WalkerSmith, Lateshia Langston,Donna McClain, Tonja Ivory, Walter Martin,Sea Portraits -Shenedra Matthews, Anointed Timbala Middleton, Colton Kline, Aahilaya Payton, Naomi Crenshaw and 40 other Authors!

Our organization has also helped over 800 individuals receive a free windows 10 computer system , Apple IMacs and Apple Laptops and a printer for the Writing works from the moment they step into our offices for support. 

If you are ready to get the tools that you need to stop sitting around and waiting on it to happen , join us on Mondays from 6 to 8 PM at the Sols Write House. Many others have gone on to not only produce their own books but teaching & helping other people produce books and follow their dreams as well. We’ve had some amazing guest come and sow into our writers such as Angel Wright, Derashay Zorn and the AAFLAC Authors Movement, Ananda Finnikin , Davet Jones and many more who have poured Purpose in All our Lives🌸

God gets all the Glory while Sols Write House helps you Tell the Story!! Don’t be ashamed of how you started but be proud of what you finished. We are so excited to see all of you that have come to the Sols Write House and may not give us credit but God knows when you entered our organization you had a gift inside of you and we were determined to help you get it out. We also received a letter and recognition from the former President Barack Obama.

Contact us today at: http://www.solswm.com/contactus.php                                                                                                                     and know that this service is available in Knoxville,Tennessee and you do not have to be alone or stuck,                              we work with you locally and all over the world.Join our community facebook group at:                             https://www.facebook.com/groups/solswritehouse/?multi_permalinks=2536727826557551&notif_id=1573371721603589&notif_t=group_activity

 If you know someone that is wanting to write a book, stop looking over social media, stop asking those who will not Help you and connect with the Sols Write House and get it done! There are people right now in your life that could use this service but there are also many people that will deny you pursuing your dreams or Tell you that We are here or that Sols Write House helped them, 👍so share this Post and we Will see You on Monday’s at 6p....

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