Who we are because of your support and contributions

A Faith based Non-Profit Organization

Our Misssion is to produce biblical book publications of all kinds including journals for inmates incarcerated, senior facilities, the homeless and our youth.

Our Vision is to provide residential housing with a workforce development program for women and their children to have a safe urban space to retreat, transition from incarceration, homelessness, or aging out of the fostercare system. 

About CEO/Founder

 Sherri Williams is an accomplished Author,          Evangelist and Inspirational Woman of God who has had 2 children to die, had a son incarcerated and has a son who overcame Autism. 

Sherri Williams has been called to help others get to the root of the pain and discover their gifts by writing.She wants to be transparent with others          and live in her truth and share it uncut.          With the guidance from the holy spirit,            she has the passion and desire to trust            God and stay prayed up and humble             herself by being covered by her                     Apostle Jerry Upton &                                        The Honey Rock Victorious Church Family. 
She started her books behind bars initative in April 2014 with the help and support of the late Minister David Upton.  

SWH Accomplishments

The Executive Director at Honey Rock Victorious Church    Tribe of Juah Business Center

Hosted over 150 events for the community

Has served over 4000 youth since 2010                          (started at The Literacy Imperative)

Has Partnered and served with over 30 organizations and community leaders since 2010

Donated over 800 Computers / Printers to Familiesv partnered with Warren Sanders of Tellico Village Access Computer Program since 2014

Donated over 3500 Magazine/ Brochures to inmates in prison, shelters and the homeless  since 2014

Over 60 Self Book Publishing Authors have come through        The Sols Write House, formerly known as Sols Writing Center

CEO /Founder Sherri Williams has published over 10 books on Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing

Has had over 200 individuals complete The Sols Write House self book publishing workshops and seminars

Was presented by Lori Tucker the WATE 6 On Your Side Community Hero Award in April 2017

Sang The Nationa Athem for 2017 World Cycling Pro Competion 2017

Sang National Athem for Major Madeline Rogero State of the Union Address 2017

Received Letter from President Barack Obama of The White House 2016 about Gun Violence and 1st book published Sols Lyrically Said Poetry by 20 youth and their parents after the death of Zaevion Dobson

Volunteered over 175 Hours during the Smokey Mountain Fire Disaster with Ameri-corps