The Root Of My Pain Outreach Ministry

   " See to it that No One fails to obtain the Grace of God; that no " Root of Bitterness" springs up and causes trouble, and by it many become defiled" ~ Hebrews 12:15

Evangelist Sherri Williams has been a member of Honey Rock Victorious Church International since 2010. She has been under the covering of Apostle Jerry Upton & The Five Fold Ministry since August 18, 2010 when the Grass Root Ministry from HRVCI walked into the Literacy Imperative and asked for her by name. They spoke a Word over her life and told her that she would touch the NATIONS with her Voice. They told her that God said You are Chosen to Heal the land with Your Hurt and Your Wounds. God told them to pray and when they did, God said for them to pull the dagger out of her heart and die to oneself. When she came to, the 3 men were crying with her for they felt and saw The Root of her Pain in an instant. When they pulled the knife out of her heart, God said the blood was covering her and everything the devil stole from her will be given back 100 fold. Evangelist Sherri has been on a Mission for the Lord ever since. Through all the pain, rejection, lack of support, betrayal and more, she is a daughter of a King. Follow her journey and get to the Root of your pain and Write your Way out of Here"

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" Writing Our Way Out From The Root"

Do you have a loved one in Prison or in a locked down facility?
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