Community Development


Welcome to our Residential Community Development Organization for Seniors & Women that was established to restore our underserved women & seniors with caregiving, handyman services, jobs, vocational resources,book publishing and community service projects, while operating with biblical principals and compassion for our community.

Nail Technology is a growing industry and needs more techicians and self employed businesses. The average starting salary for nails techs is about $28,500 annually. 
Sols Career Development WorkForce Program will help women become nail techs while providing housing until completion of program. This program is a 600 hour (5 month) Curriculum. SWH is looking to establish a vocational school programs along with apprenticeship programs to for women to get back into the WorkForce. 
Sols Write House is on a mission to help women get back into the WorkForce or start their own business. Here are a List of Vocational and Trade Schools we will partner with the steer you into the right direction for your destination in life. 
 1. Tennessee College of Applied Technology
 2. Lincoln Partk Technology
 3. TCAT Knoxville
 4. Knoxville Trade School 


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