Sols Write House

A Faith Based 501 c3 Nonprofit\ Organization 

Our Mission: is to produce paid residential workforce projects and book publications for inmates incarcerated. 

Our Vision: is to operate residential housing that will provide career development, book publishing,vocational resources and paid community service projects.

About CEO/Founder

 Sherri Williams is an accomplished Author, Evangelist and Motivational Speaker who has had 2 children to die, had a son incarcerated and has a son who overcame Autism. After all this tragedy in her life, she still has the passion and desire to help others get to the root of the pain and discover their gifts of writing and creating  workforce jobs that put people as young as 14 to work in the community.

SWH Accomplishments

Currently operating & The Executive Director of a 7800 sq foot  Business Incubator Facility

Hosted over 100 events for the community

Has served over 2500 youth since 2010 (started at The Literacy Imperative)

Has Partnered and served with over 25 organizations and community leaders

Donated over 800 Computers / Printers to Families

Donated over 3000 Magazine/ Brochures to inmates in prison since 2014

Have Published over 55 Self Book Publishing Authors

Has published over 10 books on her own

Was the WATE 6 On Your Side Community Hero Award

Sang The National Athem for 2017 World Cycling Pro Competion

Sang National Athem for Major Madeline Rogero State of the Union Address

Received Letter from President Barack Obama of The White House

Volunteered over 175 Hours during the Smokey Mountain Fire Disaster with Ameri-corps

                 Sherri is a member of Honey Rock Victorious Church INT. in Knoxville, TN , mentored by Apostle Jerry Upton.                                      She was Licensed as an Evangelist on September 15, 2015 and spreads the good news!                       This organization is in memory of her 2 children " WesleyIII  & Les'Leye Coward" 

Root of my Pain OutreachMinistry

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