It all started with a dream of being on stage and being under the lights, while singing and dancing my heart out and expressing myself through the Performing arts. Why does Knoxville have such a tiny window of opportunity for the continuation of performing art development after high school? Where do all the gifted writers, designers and sound production people go locally after they graduate and stay in Knoxville? Why do we have to go out of town to pursue the craft and skill?all ages from toddler to seniors.

  • We will offer camps at $15 per session for 7 weeks to provide coaching in; vocals warm ups,  meditating, stretching exercises, director coaching and more.These sessions will be 2 hour sessions.
  • We will be in need of interns that will offer up their skills in our acting workshops, which will focus on material that will enhance stage presence, improvising and scripted projects that explore all races and walks of life, ethics and general society issues and health.
  • SWPAC would like to partner with various service organizations and interns who would like to be a voice and submit playwrights they would like to go into production. Some projects will be sponsored, grant driven and in house. Most of the plays are volunteered based, unless grant specified.
  • Cast productions are usually up to 5 cast members.
  • We also have fundraisers all year round to help us provide a stipend for our cast members.
  • Not all plays are paid plays. Some are public service announcements and Ministry Outreach.

  •  1. RomPom Academy -
  • $15 per class for 7 weekly workshops -on Wednesdays at 10 -12noon (for homeschoolers) 
  • 5p- 7p (local and webinars) on Zoom Video Conferencing