SOLS WRITE HOUSE offer offenders and those who have experienced violence in their communities, a foundation in creative writing through the use of weekly writing prompts and includes exposure to fiction and non-fiction poetry and playwriting. Each week, we provide a sacred space where writers can write and feel free to share their voices  about race, poverty, social integration, the frailty of mind and body, vulnerability through trauma, victimization, mental illness, and drug and alcohol addiction. Other components of the workshop include visiting writers, submitting student work for publication as appropriate and certificate of completion.

  • Workforce  Development + Your Partnership                                                                                      will provides 20 hour assignments at $10p/h =$200.                                                                                                                         Assignments can be 1 week upto 8 weeks =$1600.
  • Partnerships are accepted to support our underserved families and provide a Residential Facility for Women and their children after being released from incarceration or managed facility. Women who have aged out of Fostercare and have children will be given an opportunity to transition back into society and get the necessary emotional,                               biblical and life skills needed to for self empowerment. 
We look forward to expanding our writing workshops to the jails, recreational centers, senior facilities and schools.
If you are an activities director, we would be honored to come to your facility.