The Sols Writing & Performing Arts Center

Our Mission is to offer

* Performing Arts Theater/Classroom/ Plays

* Mentoring in Performing Arts Production

* Self Book Publishing Workshops / Conferences

* Entrepreneur / Conflict Resolution / Wellness

Our Vision is to:

*Operate a Performing Arts Theatre that will house all of our play productions, workshops and community awareness events.

  • It all started with a dream of being on stage and being under the lights, while singing and dancing my heart out and expressing myself through the Performing arts. Why does Knoxville have such a tiny window of opportunity for the continuation of performing art development after high school? Where do all the gifted writers, designers and sound production do locally after they graduate and stay in Knoxville? Why do we have to go out of town to pursue the craft and skill? Well, since the Clarence Brown Theatre and Carpetbag Theatre has been in existence, performing arts training and camps have deminished and we want to bring it back. What good is it to have these theaters and our local talent is being overlooked by out of state performers.
  • The Sols Writing & Performing Arts Center will fill that need and we need your support to get our theater and our productions out to the community. We will produce a variety of venues around town until we have our very own facility that will have an intimate setting of about 1oo seats and be classroom ready for our  4 week learning camps in self book publishing and play productions.
  • SWPAC will operate with volunteer actors and actresses and we will grow with donations,sponsorships and ticket sales to pay our cast members. We want this to become a paying job , which will bring community business growth to city. 
  • SWPA has a dedicated board of directors  and some powerful visionaries donors that have helped us this far, now we need your support and donations to take it to the next level and provide this space for our performing arts gifted individuals that are right here locally looking for an outlet.
  • We will have on board skilled actors, directors and playwrights and designers along with interns that will mentored in their skilled craft of artistry.
  • We will have an Sols Lyrically Said Ensemble that uplifts the community and meets every 4th Saturday as the Topics committee and reviews of submitted plays for production consideration.
  • We want to provide you with Situation of Life Stories from all walks of life that are impacting our communities and families. We want to uplift you, empower you and motivate you to Write you way out of pain.
  • We will provide auditions and cast calls for all ages from toddler to seniors.We will offer camps at $10 per session to provide vocals warm ups, stretching exercises, director coaching and more.These sessions will be 2 hour sessions.
  • We will be in need of interns that will offer up their skills in our acting workshops, which will focus on material that will enhance stage presence, improvising and scripted projects that explore all races and walks of life, ethics and general society issues and health.
  • Performing is therapy and an awesome way to express yourself through the arts and self wellness by meditating exercises and breathing.
  • SWPAC would like to partner with various service organizations who wold like to be a voice and submit playwrights they would like to go into production. Some projects will be sponsored, grant driven and in house. Most of the plays are volunteered based, unless grant specified. Cast members are usually 5-7 members and all ages are welcome to audition. We also have fundraisers all year round to help us provide and income for our cast member productions. Not all plays are paid plays. Some are public service announcements and Ministry Outreach. 
  •  (1 week) Camps in Acting Skills- $10 per session Mon-Friday 4p-7p (when scheduled)
  • (1 week camp for Singing exercises -$10 per session Mon-Fri (4p-7p) (when scheduled)
  • Saturday camps are Acting skills 11a-1p $10 per session for (4 Saturdays)
  • Saturday camp Singing exercises - 1 p -3p $10 per session for (4 Saturdays)
  • Self book Publishing - Saturdays 3p-5p (when scheduled) also Zoom Webinars
  • You can DONATE at the BUTTON BELOW to help us obtain this BEAUTIFUL Theater Setting! OUR VISION

Watch this Video of  Evangelist Sherri Williams
receiving the WATE 6 on your side Community Hero Award for her community. 
President Barack Obama answered the Sols writing Center when they wrote him about their Nonprofit Organization!