A Faith Based Organization 

A 501c(3) Nonprofit Organization whose Mission is to empower individuals to recover and discover their write to survive  after the death of a child or a family tragedy. Support services to help individuals get to the Root of the Pain by writing and sharing their story in our publications and play productions.

Our Vision is to relocate to a House that will offer a writing room/computer lab, social lounge, kitchen hub cafe, shared dorm rooms and support services from Root of my Pain Outreach Ministry & their Partnerships.

About CEO/Founder

Sherri Williams has had 2 children to die before she was 20 years old. Her son died from an undetected heart & liver defect. Her daughter was found dead at a daycare providers home. After all this tragedy in her life, she still had the passion  to become a self published book author and has helped over 47 others become one too.

Sherri annually host writing retreats to bring writers together to get to the Root of their pain and become self book publishing authors. Sherri is on a Mission to relocate to a House that will offer a retreat facility so individuals can recover and discover their write to survive by writing and sharing their story in our book publications that in return, provides income from the sales of the books they are in.

Sherri is a member of Honey Rock Victorious Church INT. in Knoxville, TN , mentored by Apostle Jerry Upton. She was Licensed as an Evangelist on September 15, 2015 and spreads the good news!

Root of my Pain OutreachMinistry

Sols Write House
Board of Directors
  • Sherri Williams ~ President
  • Tonja Ivory ~ Vice President
  • Debora Lundy ~Secretary
  • Teresa Thomas  ~Treasurer
  • Vicki Owens ~Director
  • Theresa Fletcher~ Director
  • Apostle Jerry Upton ~ Director
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